How to buy land on the moon?

How to buy land on the moon?

  • On the evening of August 23rd, the Chandrayaan-3 landing module made a triumphant touchdown on the lunar surface. This momentous event marked a soft landing on the Moon, setting the stage for the rover module to collect vital information about our celestial neighbor. With the Indian national flag proudly unfurled on the lunar landscape, the race for lunar real estate is poised to intensify once more.
  • Interestingly, several celebrities have already staked their claim on lunar property. The question now beckons: are you also considering securing your own piece of the Moon? If you’re contemplating lunar land ownership, we’ve got the complete lowdown to guide you through the process.
  • The allure of owning land on the Moon is universal, with dreams of constructing lunar homes capturing the imagination of many. In fact, numerous high-profile individuals have already made their lunar investments. So, are you ready to join the lunar land rush? If so, we’ve got the details you need to get started.

How to buy land on the moon?

  • If you’re keen on acquiring lunar real estate, look no further than This online platform offers the opportunity to purchase moon land, complete with occasional discounts that sweeten the deal. The choice is yours; you can select your desired lunar property with ease.
  • At, you’ll encounter a fascinating array of lunar regions, each with its own distinctive name. From the enchanting Rainbow Bay to the mystical Lake of Dreams, and the captivating Sea of Vapors to the ethereal Sea of Clouds, the moon’s diverse landscapes await your ownership. It’s a phenomenon we often hear about – people taking the plunge and becoming lunar landowners. Now, you too can explore this unique opportunity.

How much is land on the moon worth?

  • As per, you can secure an acre of lunar land for just $37.50 per month, which translates to approximately Rs 3,112.52. The affordability of lunar real estate often leads people to acquire it more on a whim than careful consideration of its value.
  • This raises an intriguing question: Who truly owns the Moon? According to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, neither nations nor individuals can claim ownership rights over celestial bodies like the Moon in outer space. While a nation’s flag can be proudly planted on the lunar surface, the Moon remains beyond the grasp of any single entity. It’s a reminder that, despite our ambitions, the Moon belongs to the cosmos, not to us.

Can you register too?

  • Upon purchasing land through this website, you’ll receive comprehensive documentation. Your acquisition not only includes the land itself but also a certificate and a registry, providing you with official proof of ownership.

How much is land on the moon worth?

  • When it comes to lunar real estate, Chandra offers some of the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere in India. Acquiring an acre of moon land is remarkably affordable at approximately $45, which translates to around 3,500 in Indian currency. What’s more, the payment options are diverse, extending beyond traditional debit and credit cards to include convenient methods like Apple Pay and even Bitcoin. This accessibility ensures that securing your own lunar property is as hassle-free as it is economical.

Is it legal or illegal to sell land on the moon?

  • In the realm of lunar property ownership, international organizations maintain a steadfast stance: no one can legitimately claim ownership of lunar territory. Earth, they argue, is the collective heritage of humanity, and not every nation can lay claim to it. The 1967 Outer Space Treaty, a pact endorsed by 110 countries, including India, underscores this principle by explicitly stating that neither nations nor individuals possess rights to celestial bodies or their satellites in outer space.
  • The company’s assertion of lunar land cadastre, without any recognized authority, is viewed by some as dubious. In essence, it raises concerns of a potential scam, given the prevailing international consensus that the Moon and other celestial bodies remain beyond the realm of private ownership.

Follow these rules

  • To acquire lunar land, you’ll only need to make payments in U.S. dollars. If you prefer, you can convert your funds into dollars for the purchase. Additionally, for those looking to secure more extensive lunar estates exceeding 500 acres, there’s the added advantage of an EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) option available for your convenience. This flexible payment approach ensures that obtaining larger lunar properties remains accessible and manageable.

No legal rights after buying land?

  • The website’s information explicitly states that the purchase of lunar land does not confer any legitimate land rights. Essentially, you can acquire moon land and designate it as a gift, either for a friend or yourself. The trend of gifting lunar land is gaining significant traction in recent times.
  • It’s important to note that this website does not engage in the sale of actual lunar land; instead, it issues non-legal certificates. In essence, it’s a whimsical gesture designed primarily for personal enjoyment and novelty rather than genuine land ownership.

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